Excel Hell Two 

Taming Excel Hell

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Duration: 59 mins.

Analysts: Are you trapped in the clutches of Excel Hell?

Excel is pervasive globally. Be it simple data entry and calculations to complex analysis and reporting, the spreadsheet looks and feels like ‘home’ to many an Analyst all over the world. But, spreadsheets are limiting. You can only access a few types of data - and BEWARE THE ANALYST who attempts to blend multiple data sources.

Regardless of limitations, most executive reporting is still driven by good old Microsoft Excel. 

No matter which fancy visualisation platform is taking up RAM on our machines right now, as analysts we are all primarily concerned with making sure our data is correct and up to date. We bring in data from many, disparate sources … multiple internal databases, external sheets, and our own reports from previous months, quarters, and years. Often, we spend hours waiting for our excel processes to run. And yet without Excel, we would have no other tool at our disposal to bring all our data today.

We are stuck, trapped in the clutches of Excel. But there is a way out…

During this 59-minute webinar, we will show you that Excel Hell does have an exit!

We will show you how to:

  • Improve excel workflow by using an incredibly capable drag and drop tool
  • Execute workloads in seconds, instead of hours
  • See existing use cases of this tool in Financial Services, such as Fraud Detection
  • Cut down stress by gaining the ability to deliver critical information quickly and accurately
  • Integrate your data with any reporting and analytics platform